~Spiritual Gifts~


What is your spiritual gift?–Musicianship? Prophecy? Visual artistry? Knowledge? Wisdom? Divine understanding? Faith? Speaking/translating previously unlearned languages (earthly or heavenly)? Dream interpretation? Healing? Discerning of spirits?

Some gifts we are born with, others we acquire later. Some gifts–such as divine understanding–can only be used through the Holy Spirit, while some others can be abused for self-gain (for example, healing). Nonetheless, spiritual gifts (which are given by the Holy Spirit–are intended for edifying the Kingdom of God. Spiritual gifts are not for our own praise, glory, or gratification, but for the aiding of mankind, which brings glory to He who gives us our gifts.

Personally, the 3 gifts I can remember having since I was a small child are the gifts of faith, divine understanding, and musicianship… I was raised by a godly woman with a deliverance ministry. Because of this, I witnessed God work in the natural and supernatural all the time; thus, unshakable faith is something I’ve known for as long as I can remember. People who have known me my whole life also know that I’ve always understood things far beyond my own age and experiences. Even when I couldn’t express certain things verbally, I still recall understanding people, situations, and outcomes on a level that was much deeper than the “surface”. I liked listening to adults because children my age talked about such “childish” things. Music has always been something that I was drawn to. I’ve always had instruments in my home, and the spiritual gift of music runs through my blood.

Now that I am older, God has given me other gifts as well. As a child, my mother taught me to pray for “wisdom, knowledge, and understanding”. Unto this day I still pray for these things on a daily basis, and God has most certainly honored my requests down through the years. The gift of knowledge is something I have been known to for most of my life. Knowledge comes easy to me; I retain it, and I can regurgitate it. I can recall God beginning to pour out His gift of wisdom upon me from as early as 9 years old. I began to see things not only in their present form, but in their end result as well. By the time I was 12, God had also given me the gift of speaking in heavenly tongues. (I yet yearn for the gift of interpreting both earthly & heavenly tongues.) At the age of 14, the Holy Spirit began to pour an even heavier anointing upon me for the gifts of musicianship and divine understanding. Not only did I begin to excel in my musicianship and understanding of music, but I also began to understand the deeper mysteries of God. Even today, the understanding that God pours into my spirit often exceeds that which could have been taught to me. Much of what I have learned about the spiritual realm has come through divine understanding. God has particularly given me deep understanding of prophecy and dreams. Since the age of 14, God has also gifted me with the gifts of dream interpretation and the discerning of spirits. Often times He will use dreams (which He then interprets) in order for me to discern certain spirits. He reveals curses from the past (so that they may be broken) and makes my eyes open to all types of spirits–both with the spiritual eye and the physical eye. The Holy Spirit also uses my dreams to foretell life events in the near & distant future for both myself and others.

If you have yet to receive a spiritual gift, know this: God does not give us spiritual gifts for our own entertainment or pleasure. Thus, with any gift comes much responsibility and accountability. God cannot be pleased with the person who has been given much but does nothing with it. Continue to seek Him. As you seek Him, ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and reveal to you all ungodly things that lurk inside you, because our own hearts and selfish desires can keep us from obtaining the full glory of the Lord and that which He has ordained for us. Even after receiving a spiritual gift, continue to ask the Lord to search your heart because the first “human” response to receiving a spiritual gift is PRIDE. Spiritual gifts are not for our glory, but for God’s!

“Before destruction comes pride, and before a fall, a haughty spirit.” -(Proverbs 16:18)


Skepticism vs. Discernment

Ever catch yourself being “skeptical” of works of faith, whether seen on TV, YouTube, or simple testimony? While skepticism is a normal human attribute [of the flesh], it is certainly not something that the Christian believer has been called into. Neither the word skepticism or any of its roots are found in the major English translations of God’s word; yet, the word discern in its various forms appears more than 20 times. This is because “skepticism” is a defense system for the mind, but “discernment” is conducted through the Spirit. What the Spirit discerns, the mind becomes aware of as well.

1 Corinthians 2:14 reads
“But the natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

The natural man tries to “understand” things [with his mind/intellect], but the things of God can only be discerned through spirit. The next time you hear/see a testimony of miraculous healing, or spiritual breakthroughs, don’t watch with skepticism. In doing so, you are watching/working through your own understanding, thus preventing the Holy Spirit from discerning for you that which is real, false, true, or misguided.

Proverbs 3:5
“Trust Yahweh with all your heart; do not lean toward your own understanding.”

Prophecy Concerning an Earthquake (7/15/13)

A prophecy given to Joel:

Joel 2:28 reads, “And it will happen afterward thus: I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, and your elders will dream dreams; your young men shall see visions.”

I assure you, God speaks to me & through me, reveals to me, and delivers divine understanding unto me. I am constantly being shown things through dreams, visions, and (super)natural signs within the earth & sky. Even when no one else sees them, I do. Believe me when I say “THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME.” For surely if these words don’t come true, I will be made a mockery and judged as a false prophet accordingly. The wickedness of this earth will pass away in short, no more decades, no more centuries, only a few years.

Last night, the Spirit of God spoke to me saying, “There is a mighty earthquake coming.” With these words, there was an understanding that it would cover a wide array of land, especially places where large earthquakes are uncommon. In the quietness of the night I could hear/feel slight tremors in the earth. AND AS I’M TYPING THIS POST AN EARTHQUAKE JUST OCCURRED HERE IN KNOXVILLE!!!!! GOD IS SENDING HIS WARNING!! DO NOT–I REPEAT, DO NOT IGNORE THE WORDS OF THE PROPHET!!!

I assure you that there are many natural phenomenon of today that have long been prophesied millenia ago such as megaquakes, asteroids, and a pole shift. See, what NASA and the earthly governments already know and have been preparing for but haven’t been telling you is that all 3 of these things are going to happen within the next 7 years:

-A MEGAQUAKE. Although earthquakes can’t be “predicted” through science with certainty, all seismologists agree that there is going to be one VERY soon. Above all, the Holy Spirit has revealed this to many around the globe, including myself.

-A POLE SHIFT. Now, climatologists were talking about this a few years ago in respect to the near future, but most of you are not aware of the severity of such an event here on Earth. It will do more than cause polar bears to lose their habitat due to ice cap melting. The entire world will experience an earthquake! All coastal cities will be destroyed by flood (including New York). The earth will consequently lose its magnetosphere temporarily. When there is no magnetic field of protection around the earth, solar radiation will literally set some things on fire–especially the birds and airplanes flying in the sky. This will literally cause fire mingled with blood to fall from the sky! This is exactly what is foretold in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 8.)

-AN ASTEROID. The Book of Revelation tells us that after the pole shift an asteroid will come that will strike the sea and cause the water to become bitter (likely radioactive). It also says that after this asteroid, the day & night will be shortened by a third of the time. This is exactly what will happen when an asteroid the size of a mountain strikes the earth at an angle. The earth will spin faster!!!


Modern-Day Slavery of the African People

To Frederick Douglas, I believe, the oppressive nature of slavery mattered most. He believed that a man’s free will was an “inestimable birthright”. The oppressive evils brought on by the institution of slavery were/are the strongest roadblocks ever built for keeping a man from operating solely by the nature of free will. Fear is the only way to keep a conscious being from operating by its free will; the only true form of control is fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Love liberates.

Although humans always retain some free will regardless of any existing external forces (i.e. mentally, culturally, spiritually, etc.), fear has a way of paralyzing its victims, preventing them from exercising opposition to certain restraints. Just as fear can render a person motionless in the face of a growling dog, so can be done to the minds of a people. Once the mind has been subdued by fear, such is true for the rest of the being. If the system of fear and hatred in which a man lives can be abolished, then can that man (once a slave) have what is most valuable to him and humanity–freedom.

Do you want to know why so many black-on-black murders are occurring today? Modern-day slavery of the African peoples (especially in America) has trained the black man to FEAR one another–to fear the prosperity of one’s brother, to fear the loss of “street cred”, to fear the loss of manhood [that which many have never attained]. Then to add fuel to our own cremation, African Americans are fed self-destructive poison on the radio and on “Black Entertainment Television” by our own black artists/entertainers who have decided to enslave themselves to the morbid love of money. This is a terrible disgrace perpetuated by humanity.

TO EMBRACE THE MINSTRELSY OF MAINSTREAM “BLACK MUSIC” in America, or anything glorifying self-image, lust, envy, money, hatred, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and/or violence, IS TO EMBRACE SLAVERY!

If you feed yourself poison, you will produce it. If you listen to trash music and watch trash TV, you become a dump site for all the evils of the world. By the same measure of what a man allows to be dumped into his mind with little resistance, so will he leave behind for others to clean up after his name has been erased from history. No one should ever be content with living a life that leaves a legacy that litters on the doorstep of humanity.

News Update (4/25/13)

THE EXPLOSION at the fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas was not an explosion. It was literally a missile strike. Video evidence verifies it inarguably. It was likely a military test of a very high-speed missile, or could even have a deeper connection to the Monsanto GMO lawsuit that this fertilizer plant was involved in. For those of you who don’t know what Monsanto is: It is the company at the center of the genetically modified food labeling issue. This company is a puppet of the government, used to essentially “poison” our foods to increase health problems amongst the general public with the ultimate goal of population control/reduction. Monsanto also develops chemical weapons for the U.S. government, such as “Agent Orange” which is responsible for over 500,000 birth defects in Vietnam during the U.S.-Vietnam war (Google it). (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba8jTkRWiwI)Image

MARTIAL LAW has already begun here in America, even in Knoxville, Tennessee! I have told you how I’ve witnessed more and more military vehicles on the highways and even seeing a turret-truck patrolling through my neighborhood. Well, I’ve been informed today that another military vehicle was spotted “cruising” through the Spring Hill neighborhood of Knoxville on today. I now understand that martial law won’t be a massive transition, but a gradual one–one that will slowly acclimate the people to the presence of the military on our streets.

THE BOSTON MARATHON was a disgusting tragedy. However, CNN has been caught doing video “touchups” to add more blood/gore to the already horrific scene on the day of the event. Alongside other questionable facts concerning the disaster–like the uncle of the alleged perpetrators being on the CIA payroll–the fact that CNN would add gore touchups to the footage suggests that their is more to the story than meets the eye. It’s all FEAR-MONGERING. Whether the government is directly responsible or not, the disaster is being capitalized on as a way for the general public to become more fearful of “terrorism” and thus more willing to give up our liberties in exchange for “safety” (b.s.). (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwbkuzGby5w)

THE BILDERBERG GROUP is set to have their annual meeting starting June 6. For those who don’t know who this is: Bilderberg is a group of the world’s MOST wealthy, powerful, and influential figures that have met every year in secrecy since 1954. This is where important international affairs (including the U.S. presidency and leadership roles at the U.N.) are discussed and determined that will affect the planet’s direction toward a One-World government (New World Order). Some of the invited guests are David Rockefeller, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and over 130 other prominent world figures. This will undoubtedly be the most important Bilderberg meeting to date. 2013 is going to be a year of chaos around the globe. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=HBypAFQ3ZCk&feature=endscreen)

***Pray up, people. Things are rapidly changing here on Earth, and if you are sleep, you will be lost in the whirlwind and cast into the land of Oz. Christians should ESPECIALLY become aware of the “time” we are living in; there is not much of it left. Whether you take this post serious or not is ultimately your decision. Just know that your disbelieve does not change the Truth. As Yahweh has said, “All shall see.” Don’t wait ’til your eyes have to be pried open; the Truth is before your eyes. Even with closed eyes, we can always see light.


Prepare for War!

Prepare for War!

Prepare for war!–both in the physical and in the spiritual. Now that the prophesied “1st Horsemen” of Revelation 6 has come (the revealing of the Antichrist), the “2nd Horsemen” of Revelation 6 is gearing up for his ride. His name is WAR.


The U.S. superpower governance can no longer continue to suffocate and oppress nations & peoples through ungodly sanctions and economic policies forced upon nations for the sole purpose of financial gain for the corporations that REALLY run the government and our world–like BP, Conoco, and the rest of the oil giants.

NORTH KOREA has dropped the ceasefire with South Korea and the U.S.. They have threatened to take out the U.S. military bases on the Pacific Coast and in the Pacific Ocean (particularly Guam). (Remember, we are talking about NUCLEAR war.) These are not empty threats.

IRAN (Persia) is suffering tremendous crippling of its economy due to U.S.-Israeli sanctions carried out through the guise of the United Nations (UN). Iran will tolerate the bully-system no more. Ahmadinejad (the former president of Iran) has long declared that Iran will “destroy” Israel. The only reason Iran has not fired yet is because it is constructing an allied attack. The Bible has foretold that many nations would come at once to attack Israel, but the forces of God will intervene so that they may come to know Him (Ezekiel 38). However, this will trigger World War III.
When Iran strikes, so will SYRIA (its #1 ally) and EGYPT. The U.S. will retaliate against Israel’s enemies, and “Big Brother of the East” RUSSIA will be forced to intervene on behalf of the world with nukes that will bring America to a silence. If NORTH KOREA were to strike, it would likely be at this same time. RUSSIA & CHINA will operate covertly against the super-sized Western power.

SYRIA will receive retaliation from its northern neighbor TURKEY, who has been receiving much violence spill in consequence to the current Syrian conflict. Once TURKEY, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is involved, all of EUROPE gets sucked in to this global war.

RUSSIA has vowed to back SYRIA in opposition to threats to “national sovereignty”. Vladimir Putin has made it very clear that the destruction of national sovereignty–as was done to Iraq and Libya–will not be tolerated.

CHINA has vowed to back RUSSIA in any case of protecting SYRIA”S national sovereignty.

**Many will die. After this global war, economic collapse on a global scale will be inevitable. The time of Great Tribulation is HERE, not there–no longer tomorrow, but TODAY.

Is your trust in Jesus Christ? He is the only one who will save us from the horrid destruction of earth AFTER this time of tribulation & persecution brought to us by fellow man under the influence of Satan, the evil one. There is much more to come over the next 3 1/2 to 7 years…


Shhhh…I’ve Got a Secret…



10 Facts About The World/Society/Country In Which We Live:

1) The federal government is not your friend, neither your savior nor helper.

2) Politicians don’t run the government/world; BANKERS do. Politicians run you.

3) Yes, the current (and future) global monetary system that was engineered by a few of the world’s elite in 1944 is failing (and will fail again) and was designed to do such. It is a ponzi scheme. This was for the purpose of eventually establishing a single world currency under a single world government, led by a single world dictator (all which is to come).

4) Money (cash or electronic) is of no actual value; it is merely representative of value. Unlike gold coins, a U.S. Dollar/Yen/Euro is “worth” more than the actual piece of paper it is printed on. Private institutions (banks) such as the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund directly determine the “value” of money in our country/world.

5) Global economic collapse is indeed inevitable. Europe, Asia, and North America are all in the same boat. The collapse of the U.S. economy will be the kick that sends the ball rolling for the rest of the world’s economies.

6) Hyperinflation (extremely high prices for bare necessities) is a reality of tomorrow. Because of unimaginable oil prices, gas will be nearly unobtainable. This means, farmers can’t use farm equipment. This also means food cannot travel the 1,500mi it takes on average to reach your grocery store.

7) The last place you want to be in a crisis is a FEMA Camp! The government will not be of any service to you. (Looking back on the Katrina disaster will verify this.) The U.S. government only has enough grain stored to supply a half-loaf of bread to our 300 million citizens.

8) Mass rioting and crime committed to obtain bare necessities will result from economic collapse. Guns are NOT the enemy; they are your friend. Hungry men who are willing to kill for food are the enemy!

9) Martial law in America WILL be instituted. This is the REAL reason why “gun control” is such an “issue” today in the media, not because evil acts of violence continue to be perpetrated (as they always have been/will be). Guns must be “gone” for soldiers to “safely” patrol the crazed streets of America during a time of crisis (even though real criminals will still have their firearms..??).

10) Mainstream media is a “lie-machine” owned and operated by the world’s elite, themselves. You only know what you’re told or what you SEEK to know. No, the economy is not getting better. Yes, federal aid programs such as Welfare and Medicare are bankrupt (which will cease to exist very soon). Yes, the global food supply is directly controlled by those who have power over international legislation and monetary policy (see Jamaica). Yes, many of the wars of today are strategically planned to satisfy the selfish motives of the Elite Globalists such as the Rockefellers and the Bilderberg Group (secretive families/organizations that many of the world’s politicians are affiliated with). Yes, the government and its media-puppet are lying to you!

***3 Pieces of Advice:

1) Prepare, prepare, prepare!! Stock up on non-perishable food, water, and guns/ammo!

2) Stay afloat on current world issues. Know that things are NOT going to get better for a very long time.

3) Pray! Accept Jesus Christ TODAY as your Lord and Savior. He and the prophets before and after Him have told us of the events that are to come in due season. A time of Great Tribulation and even greater deception is fast approaching the earth, and all who are not prepared will not stand at the end! But there is hope! All these things shall soon pass away for good! Will you be deceived, or come to know the Truth?